[Media Invite] Movie Review: Day of the Crows (Le Jour des Corneilles)

Title: Day of the Crows (Le Jour des Corneilles)
Loved it
Genre: Animated Film
Director: Jean-Christophe Dessaint
Voice Actors: Jean Reno, Lorànt Deutsch, Isabelle Carré
Elements: Jungle Book-ish
Series: Stand alone

Courge lives in the heart of the forest, raised by his father, a tyrannical giant who reigns triumphant and prevents his son from exploring beyond limited boundaries. Ignorant about the ways of men, the boy grows up wild, with the placid ghosts who haunt the forest his only company.

That is until the day that he is forced to go to the nearest village, where he met young Manon…

Ah, this was the movie that I most looked forward to during the festival. At first glance it is reminiscent of Mizayaki’s work–sweet, heart-wrenching and complex. However, Le Jous des Corneilles is somewhat harsh tonally.

Le Jour des Corneilles reminds me of the Jungle Book. we spend a lot of time in the woods, then venturing into civilisation and modernity. The storyline is simple, with the supporting characters being vague at best.  The characters themselves have individual characteristics within their brush strokes. The female characters are drawn with a somewhat gentle hand, whereas Son and his father are drawn much more harshly. The supporting characters are somewhat in between, with the half-animal, half-human characters being somewhat of a surprise as their movements are incorporated into the drawing.

Courge, the main character who is known merely as ‘Son’, is crudely drawn. He doesn’t fit the image of the heroic main protagonist. His voice is squeaky, and he’s not the embodiment of the heroic main protagonist. And while he wasn’t visually nor tonally appealing, this was all designed specifically to incur that feeling. I was personally quite put off by the main character whenever he was on screen, which affected my overall experience.

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