[Media Invite] AXN Asia’s Sherlock Marathon

Looking back on it, I can’t believe that I went through approximately 12 hours straight of Sherlock, not inclusive of breaks. Going into the cinema before the stores in the shopping mall were open, and leaving when they had closed? It made for a somewhat surreal experience.

BFFs in standee form. I wanted that Sherlock one. #Sherlock (Photo credit: AXN)

There’s something to be said for watching a show in HD on the big screen: it beats watching the show in HD on my small mobile screen. I caught more information on the bigger screen, which for a show like Sherlock was essential given the many split second hidden clues.

Enraptured. (Photo credit: AXN)

The AXN crew made sure that we were all warm, comfortable and cosy within our seats. People were huddled under their blankets, heads tucked into their pillows. Slippers and shoes were taken off. My seat in the back was the perfect perch to watch the series, observe the audience, and best of all? Discuss Sherlock theories with my fellow seat-mate.

The atmosphere was not unlike watching movies in the comfort of our homes. Everyone was relaxed and open, laughing at the funny bits, squealing at the fan-service moments and leaving once in awhile to take advantage of the free flow of popcorns and drinks.

Sherlock cosplayers in action. Not sure if Watson took Holmes’ hat. (Photo credit: AXN)

The crew made sure to keep us well fed during each of the breaks, and the Power 98FM DJs kept us entertained with their many contests and quizzes, mingling freely with the audience (who were admittedlymuch more interested in stretching our legs and getting some nibbles in). My favourite part during the break was the photo booth. There were a bunch of props we could pose with, and I got a kick out of pretending to be a faux Potter-Holmes combination.

Some of the AXN crew. Look at them shirts. (Photo credit: AXN)

It was great fun, and I do hope AXN Asia organises more series marathons in the future.

Some photos from the event:

We made it, whoooo. (Photo credit: AXN)


Photobooth props.

Sherlock Season 3 premieres on 27 February 2014, airing on Thursdays at 10pm, first and exclusively on AXN (StarHub TV channel 511). Join the conversation on Facebook: #AXNSherlock.

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