[Media Invite] Movie Review: Back in Crime (l’Autre vie de Richard Kemp)

Title: Back in Crime (l’Autre vie de Richard Kemp)
Loved it
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Director: Germinal Alvarez
Actors: Jean-Hugue Anglades, Mélanie Thierry, Philippe Berodot
Elements: Time travel
Series: Stand alone

autre-vie-de-richard-kemp_Back_In_Crime-POSTERWhen Police Captain Richard Kemp investigates a murder, strange similarities to the case bring to mind Pierced Ear, a serial killer who he hunted in vain at the beginning of his career. His only witness is Hélène Batistelli. But a mysterious event sends Kemp back twenty years into the past, to May 1989, the day before the first murder was carried out by Pierced Ear. Kemp tries once again to stop murders from taking place, but a young cop complicates things for him: this ambitious detective is none other but himself, twenty years younger… Hélène, who knows nothing about him, will cross his path…

I’ve come to realise that I’m kinda, sorta horrible at tracking different timelines in shows. There’s something about having multiple copies of the exact same character planning a rewrite of history that spins my head.

That’s not to say that Back In Crime has a convoluted plot. For a time-travel movie, it’s surprisingly simplistic and chooses to focus on the crime instead of the intricacies of avoiding past selves. There aren’t any inherent rules stated outright, and the cinematography further enhanced how bleak both of Kemp’s realities were.

Back In Crime is perfect for a quiet night in cuddling with the significant other. The quiet scenes, along with the setting of a run-down, sleepy, city almost lulled me to a state of hibernation in the cold, dark theater, which is not what one wants from a crime thriller. This is also intentional on the director’s part, for having lulled me into a false sense of a security, I was jolted during the first tension-laden scene and spent the rest of the movie peering through my fingers at the screen.

I wasn’t drawn to the main characters, in part because of being in a perpetual state of suspicion and in part because only their basic details were fleshed out. As a police report, it’s fine to know that the witness was a blonde woman with a teenage child. As a viewer, the lack of personalisation left me cold.

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