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[Media Invite] Movie Review: Tokyo Anyway

Title: Tokyo Anyway Loved it Graded Genre: Contemporary Director: Camille Meynard Actors: Benjamin Ramon, Violette Pallaro, Antojo Country: Belgium, 2013 Language: In French with English subtitles Camille, Faustine, Armel and Félix are four friends living and working in Brussels. In a single day, each of them arrive at a turning point in their lives. The film shows a generation’s struggle in building careers and families. With… Read more →


[Media Invite] Movie Review: The Canterville Ghost (Le Fantôme de Canterville)

Title: The Canterville Ghost (Le Fantôme de Canterville) Loved it Graded Genre: Comedy Director: Yann Samuell Screenwriter: Yann Samuell Actors: Audrey Fleurot, Michaël Youn, Michèle Laroque Elements: Drama, Fantasy Ghost Aliénor of Canterville, a brazen and brilliant 18th-century noblewoman and feminist ahead of her time, soul damned to the earth because she would yield to no man, has been ever since haunting her isolated old castle… Read more →

Toyota Classics 2014 - Pamela and Vasko

[Media Invite] 25th Toyota Classics Charity Asian Tour

Title: 25th Toyota Classics Charity Asian Tour Loved it Graded Orchestra: Covent Garden Soloists Orchestra Soloists: Vasko Vassilev and Pamela Tan Nicholson Location: Marina Bay Sands I was honoured to be invited to the one-night only Singapore concert at the 25th Anniversary Toyota Classics Charity Asian Tour. Held earlier in October, the concert took on classical music and popular movie scores,… Read more →


[Media Invite] Movie Review: Back in Crime (l’Autre vie de Richard Kemp)

Title: Back in Crime (l’Autre vie de Richard Kemp) Loved it Graded Genre: Crime/Thriller Director: Germinal Alvarez Actors: Jean-Hugue Anglades, Mélanie Thierry, Philippe Berodot Elements: Time travel Series: Stand alone When Police Captain Richard Kemp investigates a murder, strange similarities to the case bring to mind Pierced Ear, a serial killer who he hunted in vain at the beginning of his career. His only witness is… Read more →


[Media Invite] Metropolitan Festival Orchestra’s Bridging Frontiers Concert

Title: Bridging Frontiers Concert Loved it Graded Orchestra: Metropolitan Festival Orchestra Conductor: Chan Tze Law Erhu Soloists: Ling Hock Siang and Wilson Neo Horn Soloist: Han Chang Chou Location: Esplanade Concert Hall This highly-anticipated production allows audiences to relive the awesome experience of the full-length Academy Award-winning motion picture projected on a giant screen and complete with Howard Shore’s iconic soundtrack… Read more →


[Media Invite] The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers Movie Concert

Title: The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers Movie Concert Loved it Graded Composer: Howard Shore Musicians: Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, the Vocal Associates Festival Chorus and Children’s Choir Conductor: Justin Freer Soloists: Rosalind Waters, Samuel Yuen Location: The Star Theatre This highly-anticipated production allows audiences to relive the awesome experience of the full-length Academy Award-winning motion picture projected on a giant… Read more →


[Media Invite] Picking the brains of The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus

Gotta make do with whatever weapons you have. (Photo credit: FOX Movies Premium) Zombie Saturday! Today we got the talented Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus in town at LASALLE College of the Arts at The Walking Dead Live event, presented by FOX Movies Premium, in partnership with StarHub. Both Andrew and Norman were so friendly and personable with the fans,… Read more →


[Media Invite] Movie Review: Haute Cuisine (Les saveurs du palais)

Title: Haute Cuisine (Les saveurs du palais) Loved it Graded Genre: Slice of life Director: Christian Vincent Actors: Catherine Frot, Arthur Dupont, Jean D’Ormesson Elements: French food Series: Stand alone Hortense Laborie is a famous chef who lives in the Périgord region. To her great surprise, the president of the French Republic appoints her as his personal chef at the Élysée Palace. In spite of the… Read more →


[Media Invite] Movie Review: Fly me to the Moon (Un plan parfait)

Title: Fly me to the Moon (Un plan parfait) Loved it Graded Genre: Romance/Comedy Director: Pascal Chaumeil Actors: Diane Kruger, Dany Boon, Alice Pol, Robert Plagnol, Jonathan Cohen Elements: Travel Series: Stand alone After the well-deserved success of Heartbreaker, its crew (writer, director, producers, technical crew) team up in this finely honed, expertly crafted adventure comedy where romance dukes it out. The magician Pascal Chaumeil teams… Read more →